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It is worthwhile to focus on the Lime Village case because any legal structure that cannot protect or provide adequate security for the Lime village subsistence way of life must be reexamined.

The "reasonable opportunity" standard that is included in Alaska state law fails to afford a minimum level of protection.

Alaska's rape rate is the highest in the country -- three times the national average.

Posted: , Author: Olytyc The tragedy he has never been able to shake despite an ongoing stellar career and a wealth of inspiring charity work.

If the federal subsistence priority is correctly understood as requiring that customary and traditional uses of a wildlife resource must always be afforded so long as there is a harvestable surplus, regardless of whether there is also sufficient abundance to accommodate sport and commercial demands, the charge is correct.

The court in the Bobby decision held that the regulation of subsistence hunting must not be "inconsistent with customary and traditional uses of the game in question.

It must be clear in the record that subsistence uses will be accommodated, as regards both the quantity or volume of use and the duration of the use...

The standard is customary and traditional use of game." Critics also assert that the ANILCA scheme represented by the Lime Village case results in a chaotic, unregulated system of "no seasons and no bag limits." This criticism inaccurately suggests that the ANILCA standards preclude reasonable and responsible wildlife management.


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