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Further, when they got to the beach and soon thereafter sat down near the bonfire, they continued drinking.

It is simply not possible that he was unaware that she was drinking a lot of alcohol,” she said.

A teenage girl who was in and out of consciousness and had vomited on herself was too drunk to consent to unprotected sex with another intoxicated teen at a beach party last year, a Toronto judge said in finding the boy guilty of sexual assault.

Both teens had been drinking with friends for some time and had kissed briefly that April 2016 night, and the boy, who was 15 at the time, testified the girl then asked him to have sex with her by some rocks, according to court documents.

The boy was also drunk but not as much, they testified.

In particular, the company is said to be using a metal forging method instead of common billet milling.

Apple i Phone 8 may after all get a all glass body design but it may not use the regular aluminium alloy that is seen on most of its recent variants.

Citing Taiwanese sources, a report from Digi Times claims that Apple has bypassed usual supplier Foxconn and placed orders for forged stainless steel i Phone casings from manufacturing partner Jabil.

She, on the other hand, recalled little of the evening and only learned what happened through text messages and social media the next morning, the documents said.

Unfounded: How police and politicians have responded to The Globe’s investigation so far Friends testified during trial that the girl, who was 14 at the time, was drunk to the point of having difficulty walking and talking, with one friend expressing concern she would choke on her own vomit, it said.


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