Green card marriage dating site personals lonely older women dating younger men

Be positive about it and think that many people have spent years and years to finally find their right match and happiness. It has helped people to mature their love in the meantime and to value their love after they marry.People in poorer countries where life is a challenge often want to come to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and so on to make a living–but they most often do this through student visas, tourist visas, and work visas, not by trying to scam natives into marriage!However, there are situations when people get duped in relationships for legal permanent residency in a country–like a greencard in the US, landed immigrant status in Canada, and so on.Also note: Your fiance may just be a less-than-desirable partner, and not necessarily a scammer.

People with Green Card fraud in their mind will tend to be world-class liars; so here are some tell-tale signs you need to watch out for; signs that your partner is using you to get a "Green Card" - a document which allows illegals and foreigners legal indefinite stay in the United States.If your relationship shows all the signs of a healthy relationship–communication, each partner likes spending time with the other, interaction with each other’s family and friends, and so on, you probably don’t need to worry over this issue.Remember, people in most countries of the world are very patriotic and would NOT want to live in the US.American Men Beware: DO NOT impregnate an illegal or foreigner girl before marriage!She'll use the baby to not only get the Green Card, but receive alimony for the next eighteen years.Anyway, I have the chance to enter into a green card marriage.


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