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When his parents objected, because she wasn’t one of God’s people, Samson retorted, “Get her for me. That didn’t turn out very well, even before the weeklong ceremony had ended (see verses 5-20).

When Goliath taunted the Israelite armies, Saul offered one of his daughters in marriage to the soldier who would kill Goliath (see 1 Samuel ). Then Saul used another daughter as bait to try to get David killed (see 1 Samuel -27).

Eliezer returned with Isaac’s female cousin, and the two became husband and wife without any wedding ceremony, as we might expect in our culture today (see Genesis 24).

And then there’s the story of Jacob marrying Rachel, or was it Leah?

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Successfully matching single Adventists since 1974. We are the original Seventh-day Adventist singles connection ministry, and we endeavor to be the very best.

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If you're a member of the Adventist singles community and are looking for a life partner who shares your faith, our Adventist dating service is for you.

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